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Latest from Fenham

We have a growing herd of five alpacas at Fenham - they are a friendly bunch and would be very glad to meet our guests

Our story

In March 2021 we were delighted to welcome three alpacas to live at Fenham. Their names are Polly, Penelope and Sophie.  A few months later, in June, our herd grew by two with the arrival of Alfie and Arthur.  Penelope is Alfie’s mum and Polly is Arthur’s. We have enjoyed getting to know all of their characters especially the two young boys who can often be seen playing and running zoomies round the field!

They live in the front field with spectacular sea views and are cared for by Becky (Walter & Gill’s daughter).

We have had a lot to learn over the year but are very happy with our herd and are looking forward to welcoming two more cria (babies) in the Summer.

Alpaca walks and feeding

When our boys, Alfie and Arthur, are a little bit older we are looking forward to offering guests the opportunity to take them for a walk around the farm. We hope you will learn a bit about these fascinating animals and whilst walking we will show you some of the things we are doing on the farm to look after local wildlife and ensure natural habitats are able to flourish.

The experience will last approximately 45mins including photo and feeding opportunities and will cost £20 for one alpaca, £30 for two alpacas. (Minimum age to hold alpaca is 8).

To book your experience please speak to Becky by email stay@fenhamfarm.co.uk or phone 01289 381245